I enjoy helping people develop their performance in their professional lives. I also support people experiencing workplace crises and burnout. This involves working with emotional blocks that limit confidence, creativity and engagement with colleagues. We can also explore how your personal strengths, desires and values can enrich your experience of work.

I’ve worked with members of the professions, as well as managers and leaders through to board level. I’ve also worked with entrepreneurs in tech, marketing, research, advertising, PR, media and recruitment, including consultancy during start-ups.

As well as issues of workplace stress, conflict, bullying, and career change, I work with challenges such as:

  • Dealing with the anxieties of a new role – particularly in relation to taking up responsibility and authority, and colleagues’ response to that.
  • Being overloaded with information and ever-increasing complexity while still being expected to improve results.
  • Responding to crises and traumatic events in the life of the organisation, and offering appropriate support to affected colleagues.
  • Moving from management to leadership, with the challenges of bringing more of yourself to colleagues. Learning to step out of the more familiar aspects of the role, and to delegate old tasks to make space for new ones.
  • Coping with a personal crisis that makes your role feel overwhelming or impossible. This may be due to a particular work situation triggering underlying issues, or the effect of similar difficulties emerging in work and at home.
  • Thinking beyond the boundaries of your own department to the wider organisation and context it works in.
  • Having to take more risks or make judgements quickly – particularly when previous roles have been focussed on avoiding risk and uncertainty.
  • Addressing confusions about boundaries – particularly the boundaries of different colleagues’ roles and the tasks they are responsible for.
  • Becoming more visible within the organisation, or increasing engagement with external clients and customers. Playing a greater role as one of the faces of the organisation.
  • Dealing with unhappy, angry or underperforming colleagues. Facing heavy demands for specific swift results from your own manager while being expected to manage others in a more consensus-based manner.